CQE can offer independent accredited verification of your organisation's greenhouse gas emissions under ISO 14064-3:2019 or National schemes (Turkish Greenhouse MRV Regulations).

These services are for organisations who have a requirement to report their emissions.

This includes both voluntary schemes and emissions reporting that is required by law.

Verification will help identify measures for energy saving, environmental gains and/or process improvements offering tangible benefits.

CQE is a TURKAK-accredited Verification Body No AB-0007-DK

CQE verification body verifies greenhouse gas emission reports, especially from companies in the stone-earth industry

Verification of greenhouse gas emission reports for companies from other related industries like power plants

CQE knowledgeable specialists provide you with well-founded and comprehensive information in advance of the verification process

CQE verifiers have extensive expertise and years of experience

For further information get in touch through the below contact information.;

+90 312 444 5057 – 1174 (ext) or 1193 (ext)